Thoughts on a Variety of Subjects

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We think hard about what we do. We often see work that’s visually pleasing and yet the projects fail because they didn’t appropriately consider their audience. Too many new media projects are driven by their underlying technologies, or by their visual sensibilities, rather than by meeting the needs of their audiences.

Cartoon showing two very different people looking at a piece of art, each with piles of suitcases.

Each of us brings our own baggage.

As business people, we believe in delivering high quality at a reasonable cost. Here, we discuss how to create successful projects while not spending too much.

As designers, we believe that design is much more than decoration. We outline a three-stage design process to ascertain the needs of the audience, the goals of the business, and the constraints on the project.

As interface designers, we believe in satisfying users. Good interface design is about making it enjoyable for users to meet their goals.

As project developers, we believe that individual skills are not enough. A synthesis in design and execution is the key to successful projects. Project management is much more than cracking a whip.

As educators, we believe that students must be engaged to learn. We present some ways to do that. We also believe that educational products have to support learners, but those supports must get out of the way as students develop expertise.

As programmers, we believe that good code has a certain geeky beauty. Good code does more than work properly. It is well organized, simple, comprehensible, performant, and robust. This underlying craftsmanship furthers its maintainability and future compatibility.