The “Multi” in Multimedia

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New forms of media have changed how businesses communicate with their customers. But what they need to communicate remains the same.

So why is it that instead of focusing on the effectiveness of the communication, many digital design shops focus on the technology used to display it?

Don’t get us wrong, we love technology, especially when it allows us to be more effective at solving problems. But it’s important not to let the technology drive the solution. Technology offers opportunities but not solutions.

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Each project has a particular audience with different attributes. Every marketing message needs to be crafted to be effectively communicated. Cookie cutter approaches don’t create optimal solutions.

The trend in technology is towards specialization. There are the SEO experts who want to cure problems by sprinkling buzzword-rich fairy dust over them; Javascript programmers who want to make one-page apps; PHP or Ruby programmers who sell server-side frameworks, or adherents of this or that content management system who claim that it does everything. They’re all wielding hammers. To them, your problem is always a nail.

Generalists don’t sell a particular technology—a framework or a content management system. Instead, they bring a full tool kit so that each project can be matched with the technologies that offer the best solution.

Specialists vs. Generalists

Consider a big budget movie—perhaps involving dinosaurs. You know that long list of technical credits at the end? There are computer graphics experts who work on the texture of the skin or the way it reflects light. Others model the digital skeleton and make the digital muscles move realistically. There are animators, of course, but also motion capture artists, match movers, rotoscopers, digital painters, compositors, pipeline specialists, wire removers, colorists, and many more. With the budget of a Hollywood extravaganza, specialists can be hired to work on each of the tasks that the movie requires.

Web projects also have plenty of different tasks, but usually the budget doesn’t support hiring specialists to perform each one. The trick is to find generalists with a wide range of expertise and lots of experience. You need an outfit that can do it all.

Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Movie Jurassic World.  Photo:

Photo: Pipsqueak didn’t work on the movie “Jurassic World.” It’s invoked here as an example.

Pipsqueak’s In-house Skills

Pipsqueak puts the “multi” in multimedia. We’re fast, creative, diligent, and practical. And we’ve been doing this for a long time—Pipsqueak has been around for 27 years—and we’ve learned some things along the way.

Our digital production work is meticulous. We pay attention to the details. We balance artistic considerations with an understanding of the technical side. Because once a project has been designed, it must be executed. No matter how brilliant the plan, faulty execution will destroy it.

In the portfolio section of our website, we highlight some of our skills and present them individually. But it’s in combination that they solve the problems of our clients. The synthesis is much greater than the parts.

They Got Some Cool Tools! Can your project use our broad production capabilities?

Historical Projects

Because each project was created to solve a particular set of problems, they are quite diverse. We use our design process to create projects that meet sponsor goals, audience needs, and work within a strict set of constraints.

Visual aesthetics and good writing are important, but modern projects need more. They require thoughtful design so that users enjoy interacting with them. They must be well engineered to work on the wide range of devices used to access them. And they must be maintained to remain useful into the future.

It’s our combination of skills, services, and experience that make Pipsqueak Productions a good choice for your next project.